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Arms Around You reviews the progress toward reaching long-term, strategic goals or shorter term objectives against a timeline:

1st 30 days of release 

AAY will conduct the intake and assessment and will communicate weekly to check in and update with the participant to develop a supportive relationship and to asses services and needs (Case by case basis)  

1st 90 days of release

AAY will develop SMART goals and plans for the participant to determine the best resource and referral source for re-entry into the community.

1st 6 months of release

AAY will coordinate the participant level of stability within the community and determine are they integrating into society in some capacity and to assist with recovery components, medical and mental health referrals and housing resources. (Case by case basis)

1st year of release 

AAY will assist the participant to have and develop different housing and transitional options and give support by making sure they are given the proper information for permanent housing, employment, and/or full-time education.


Vocational Training

Arms Around You will provide resources and referrals to clients interested in a specific course of study or practical training. AAY will connect the participant with a trade school, technical institute, or vocational college that is designed to lead directly to career opportunities in a particular field. AAY will integrate and incorporate the use of technology in general content areas of vocational education and more.​​


Employment and Education Placement​

Arms Around You provides referrals to educational institutions, social service agencies, employment agencies and recruiters that will help students, and participant find work. Decisions about where to place a participant are made by considering the individual clients strengths and needs. AAY will asses and tier placement in order to allow participants to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving.


Peer Counseling​

We provide the participant with a qualified peer counselor trained to address a broad range of topics by providing one-on-one, confidential support to AAY participants, Because of their own life experience; they are uniquely equipped to provide support, encouragement and resources to those with mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, victims of domestic violence, and homelessness. Our peer counselors apply knowledge, use specific tools, and follow certain rules to help individuals get past obstacles and reach their goals. AAY will assist and train participants in the use of technology -- computers, mobile devices like Smartphone’s and tablets, social media platforms and networks, software applications, the Internet, etc.​


Life Skills Training​

AAY will assist the clients with the necessary skills to successfully live in today's world. These include knowing how to work at a job and be part of a team, manage money, manage time, and live as part of the family and learning effective communication skills. AAY will assist and support the participant to thrive in the community and in the world beyond. We focus on helping the client with the essential life skills including flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership. AAY will incorporate technology awareness to help to identify what technologies make sense to use given a specific problem; the goal is to educate people about the capabilities of the technology, so they can begin to think creatively about transforming and transition back into society.


Workshops and Presentations

AAY will host public workshops to encourage and help individuals deal with the issues and root causes of “Recidivism” these workshops will wrap around the main objectives to re-entry into the community and create a safe place for healing. The workshop topics will include

• Focus and Self-Control.
• Communicating.
• Making Connections.
• Critical Thinking.
• Taking on Challenges.
• Self-Directed, Engaged Learning​

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