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Arms Around You is a non-profit re-entry program that provides referrals and resources to formerly incarcerated individuals coming out of correctional facilities, the homeless community, victims of domestic violence and substance abuse, as well as those dealing with transitional needs due to unexpected life changes. Arms Around You (AAY) is an organization that provides innovative personal development driven reentry programs and resources designed to increase public safety and reduce recidivism by helping the most vulnerable people become self-sufficient, productive, contributing members of their communities utilizing strategic development and coordination of pre- and post-release reentry referrals; such as employment training, substance abuse treatment,  Mental health support, transitional housing, mentoring, family reunification and improved community supervision. The life skills and therapeutic tools provided through AAY get to the heart of the matter and instill a sense of confidence and heightened self-esteem to the men, women and young adults who embrace their commitment to succeed at a second chance in life by becoming productive members of their communities by transforming through their transition.


Our objective is to provide a safe environment of community support, education, and encouragement to those that are in the re-entry phase of life. To provide resources and hands-on programs that equip individuals with the necessary skills, emotional healing, guidance and stability needed to succeed.

AAY will provide hope, training, and support to formerly incarcerated men and women and others transitioning in life, allowing them to redirect their lives with the goal of becoming productive contributing members of their community.

When those in need come to Arms Around You, they are welcomed into a community of mutual kinship, compassion, and a wide variety of services geared toward rebuilding a positive foundation on the path to successful re-entry. Transitional support is offered to the men and women who enroll in self-help classes that allow them to re-identify who they are in the world, as well as job training so they can reclaim solid positioning in life while they become contributing members of the community.


ARMS AROUND YOU is unique among other organizations serving the community in that we reach deeper to fix the problem from the inside out. Arms Around You works with extraordinary community partners who help nurture the broken pieces of our mentees and foster the skills, dreams, and are only half the battle; these individuals need to redirect their lives. Support and therapeutic services are vital keys in transitioning.

We offer services in education, therapy, substance abuse treatment, legal assistance, and job placement. We also offer six different social enterprise businesses where trainees can receive real job training that they can use immediately upon graduation from one of our varied programs. Arms Around You brings the entire community together to lock arms around those who need assistance to provide a more level playing field for those who just need someone to believe they can overcome. Arms Around You want to tap into the personal power these individuals may not even realize they have because until now they have been just a number to a local agency.

More about the future expansion of Arms Around You re-entry program continues to evolve we continue to build strategic, and lasting corporate and community relationships that provide traditional and alternative methods of implementing a positive change by investing in our own communities.


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Re-enter Society

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