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  • Testif-i Storytelling - Hamdiya speaks

    Hamdiya reflects on the 20 years she spent in prison; the women she fought for behind bars and the milestones she missed with her family.

  • LFO Clinic sign-ups were offered in Pierce County!

    A nonprofit is signing people up for clinics throughout the year to help with a streamlined process to seek relief from Pierce County court debt. “One thing we have noticed with LFO work, we have started doing weekly outreach directly into homeless camps, and what we’re seeing is that so many people, so many unhoused individuals that we meet on the street, have legal financial obligations ...,” said Carly Roberts, executive director of Tacoma ProBono Community Lawyers. Read the full article here.

  • All In WA - Emergency Flexible Financial Assistance Grantees

    We’re thrilled to have the support of @AllInWA2020 and our donors as we continue to help impacted WA workers & families within the formerly incarcerated community. This grant will help us address their urgent needs through flexible financial assistance. If you’d like to contribute, please visit Details from "All In WA is announcing $7.8M in grant awards from the All In WA COVID-19 Relief Fund. Across the state, we’re seeing record-breaking unemployment, housing and food insecurity, growing mental health challenges, loss of access to childcare, and a growing digital divide. Historic, systemic inequities make these challenges even harder for our Black, Indigenous, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Asian, and Latinx communities, as well as rural and remote residents. While this year has brought unprecedented loss and hardship, we’ve also seen Washingtonians support each other in incredible ways. The grants have been awarded to community-based organizations working hard to support disproportionately impacted WA workers and families. These organizations – the vast majority of which are led by and serve Black, Indigenous, and people of color – will use grants to provide flexible, emergency financial assistance for urgent needs such as rental assistance, food, utilities, and more. The awards span the state in terms of regional distribution, with 17% of funding to Central WA, 11% to Eastern WA, 20% to NW/West and Peninsula counties, 43% to Puget Sound (King/Pierce/Snohomish), and 8% to Southwest WA. Our grant recipients understand the urgent needs of their communities better than anyone. These organizations have deep relationships with the communities they serve and have been instrumental in providing critically needed services to individuals and families who are struggling with basic needs as a result of the pandemic." View Full List HERE. Thank you again, All In WA!

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  • Programs | AAY

    FREQUENCY OF SERVICE Arms Around You reviews the progress toward reaching long-term, strategic goals or shorter term objectives against a timeline: 1st 30 days of release AAY will conduct the intake and assessment and will communicate weekly to check in and update with the client/mentee to develop a supportive relationship and to asses services and needs (Case by case basis) 1st 90 days of release AAY will develop SMART goals and plans for the client/mentee to determine the best resource and referral source for re-entry into the community. 1st 6 months of release AAY will coordinate the client/mentee level of stability within the community and determine are they integrating into society in some capacity and to assist with recovery components, medical and mental health referrals and housing resources. (Case by case basis) 1st year of release AAY will assist the client/mentee to have and develop different housing and transitional options and give support by making sure they are given the proper information for permanent housing, employment, and/or full-time education. Vocational Training Arms Around You will provide resources and referrals to clients interested in a specific course of study or practical training. AAY will connect the client/mentees with a trade school, technical institute, or vocational college that is designed to lead directly to career opportunities in a particular field. AAY will integrate and incorporate the use of technology in general content areas of vocational education and more.​​ Employment and Education Placement​ Arms Around You provides referrals to educational institutions, social service agencies, employment agencies and recruiters that will help students, and clients/mentees find work. Decisions about where to place a client/mentees are made by considering the individual clients strengths and needs. AAY will asses and tier placement in order to allow clients/mentees to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. Peer Counseling​ We provide the client/mentee with a qualified peer counselor trained to address a broad range of topics by providing one-on-one, confidential support to AAY clients, Because of their own life experience; they are uniquely equipped to provide support, encouragement and resources to those with mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, victims of domestic violence, and homelessness. Our peer counselors apply knowledge, use specific tools, and follow certain rules to help individuals get past obstacles and reach their goals. AAY will assist and train client/mentee in the use of technology -- computers, mobile devices like Smartphone’s and tablets, social media platforms and networks, software applications, the Internet, etc.​ Life Skills Training​ AAY will assist the clients with the necessary skills to successfully live in today's world. These include knowing how to work at a job and be part of a team, manage money, manage time, and live as part of the family and learning effective communication skills. AAY will assist and support the client/mentee to thrive in the community and in the world beyond. We focus on helping the client with the essential life skills including flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership. AAY will incorporate technology awareness to help to identify what technologies make sense to use given a specific problem; the goal is to educate people about the capabilities of the technology, so they can begin to think creatively about transforming and transition back into society. Workshops and Presentations AAY will host public workshops to encourage and help individuals deal with the issues and root causes of “Recidivism” these workshops will wrap around the main objectives to re-entry into the community and create a safe place for healing. The workshop topics will include • Focus and Self-Control. • Communicating. • Making Connections. • Critical Thinking. • Taking on Challenges. • Self-Directed, Engaged Learning​

  • Get Involved | AAY

    GET INVOLVED You Can Make a Difference We are hiring! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Register Interest! 01/ Staff is Our Greatest Asset: We are committed to the personal and professional development of our staff, and actively seek staff involvement and a shared sense of commitment and service at all levels. 02/ Professionalism and Quality of Service: As professionals, we demonstrate our commitment through competency, accountability, ethics and pride in work. 03/ Safe, Healthy Work Environment: We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our participants.​ 04/ Clear, Open, Honest Communication: We encourage communication and support that promotes unity, productivity, and understanding. 05/ Respect for Individuals: We recognize the diversity of individuals and their contributions, and we strive to treat all people with dignity, respect, and understanding. 06/ People's Ability to Grow and Change: We acknowledge that people have the need and ability to grow and change and we support their endeavors. 07/ Community Interaction: We encourage positive interaction with the community as we strive to promote public safety, community involvement and public understanding.

  • Resources | Arms Around You

    RESOURCES LFO SUPPORT CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS AND CONTACT INFORMATION. BACK ON TRACK - BENCH WARRANT AMNESTY PROGRAM! WHERE: King County WHAT: Helping Defendants Get Back on Track For a limited time, persons with bench warrants in a municipal court within King County can quash a qualified warrant through the Back on Track warrant amnesty program. WHEN: This program is available from April 1 through June 30, 2021. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS AND CONTACT INFORMATION. ​ ARMS AROUND YOU - WOMEN'S TRANSITIONAL HOME IN KING COUNTY! WHERE: South King County WHAT: A residential, transitional home, specifically for women in transition within King County. All interested women in custody of D.O.C must either mail a letter of interest to our office or have their pre-release planner contact our office to schedule a over the phone interview. Any other women are welcome to call or send an email about your interest. It is important that all women housed with us are a good fit for the program and will go through a application process. Email to or Call 206.629.6405. ​ ARMS AROUND YOU - NEW DOL LAW (CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION)! HAVE YOU RELEASED FROM JUVENILE DETENTION, COUNTY JAIL OR PRISON WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS? WHAT: The Reentry Rapid Response Project provides reentry triage services to justice-involved individuals upon release to the community. ​ Our services assess the barriers individuals experience in transitioning to the community and provide referrals to resources such as transportation, housing, behavior health, food, clothing, and healthcare. Our goal is to get you connected to the resources you need for transition to sustainable employment. ​ WHERE: GRAYS, LEWIS, THURSTON, MASON OR PACIFIC COUNTY ​ Check out this REENTRY RAPID RESPONSE RESOURCE HERE. ​ WA LISTENS - 1.833.681.0211! WHAT: A new program that provides nonclinical support to people experiencing elevated stress due to COVID-19. More information HERE. WHERE: Washington State ​ CHILDCARE RESOURCE-KING COUNTY ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ NEED HELP WITH CHILD CARE COSTS? your income, work schedule, or access to child care has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 You may qualify for financial assistance to pay for child care if you live or work in King County, fall within income guidelines and… Call or text 1-800-446-1114 to request an application or you are an essential worker or fill out an online application HERE. ​ Flyer available in various languages: Amhari Arabic Dari Farsi Hmong Japanese Khmer Korean Lao Marshallese Oromo Punjabi Russian Somali Spanish Tagalog Thai Tigrinya Traditional Chinese Ukrainian Vietnamese ​ 2021 Cohort for Women Organizing for Justice and Opportunity (WOJO) WHAT: Women Organizing for Justice & Opportunity (WOJO) Leadership Lab, sponsored by A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, is seeking to develop a cohort of women to contribute their knowledge, skills, and leadership to movements for social justice in our community. We strive to eliminate discrimination and improve community conditions for the formerly incarcerated and others with criminal convictions. The WOJO Leadership Lab provides a six-month training program from May through December 2021. The May 8th orientation is mandatory for all selected applicants. Participants must have a previous incarceration history. REGISTER HERE WHEN: Deadline is May 1st, 2021. ​ SEATTLE DACA SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE WHEN: Until funds run out WHERE: No walkins; apply online or by phone; must have capacity to video chat WHAT: Through a partnership with the City of Seattle Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs (OIRA) and Facebook, El Centro de la Raza will administer DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) scholarship funds on a first-come, first-served basis until funds run out. Successful DACA scholarship grantees will receive a check made out to the Department of Homeland Security to submit with their DACA renewal application. There is no minimum or maximum income requirement. While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recommends filing for renewal between 150 and 120 days from when your DACA expires, requests received earlier than 150 days and up to 365 days in advance are currently being accepted. However, this could result in an overlap between your current DACA and your renewal. Scholarship funds are available to individuals who: · Have or previously had DACA status AND · Have a completed DACA renewal application AND · Who reside, work, or go to school in Seattle TO APPLY: 1) Complete your DACA Scholarship Application (download in Word or PDF ) · Note that the address on your scholarship application must be the same as the address on your DACA renewal application. · You must have a copy of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD)available during your appointment. 2) Schedule a Phone Appointment (no walkins, and you must have the capacity to video chat) · Go to El Centro’s DACA scheduling webpage OR · Call Dulce Gutierrez Vasquez at 957.4605x 305 OR · Email DACA Renewal Resources: · USCIS page for DACA forms · NWIRP’s free DACA renewal clinics · City of Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs website QUESTIONS/MORE INFO: Contact Dulce Gutierrez Vasquez at or 206. 957.4605x 305 or visit El Centro’s DACA webpage . ​ ​ COVID-19 Resources

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