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There are a few different ways you can register to vote in Washington State. 


Washington offers online voter registration. You can register by mail to vote in Washington by printing a voter registration form, filling it out, and mailing it to your local election office. You can also register to vote in person if you prefer by visiting your local County Elections office. Find yours here. You can register or update your address online or by mail until 8 days before an election. You may also register in-person through Election Day. Registration forms submitted by mail need to be received, not postmarked by the 8-day deadline.

To register to vote in WA State you must:

  • be a citizen of the United States

  • be a legal resident of Washington State, your county and your precinct for 30 days immediately preceding the election in which you want to vote

  • be at least 18 years old by election day (16- and 17-year-olds can sign up as Future Voters and be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18)

  • not be disqualified from voting due to a court order

  • not be under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington felony conviction

  • *find more information on voting rights restoration here.

A few more details to REMEMBER:

  • You need a Washington driver's license or state ID to use Washington's online voter registration system. If you don't have a Washington-issued ID, you can still register by mail to vote.

  • You can register online to vote until Monday, October 26, 2020 for November 2020 election.

  • Register to vote in person by 8 p.m. at a County Elections Office by November 3, then cast your in-person vote.

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