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The Connect Conversations - Meet Dr. Felisa Bryant of The If Project

We are thrilled to share our FB Live conversation with Dr. Felisa Bryant. Dr. Felisa Bryant brings extensive experience in effective nonprofit management, strategic planning, DE&I, and Board development. Felisa has always been a fighter for individuals whose voice has been lost, ignored, or simply just not heard, and endeavors to manage and broaden community resources and support offered to formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community after incarceration. As a formerly incarcerated individual herself, Felisa knows firsthand that the needs of previously incarcerated women often go unacknowledged and unmet and stands in a position of responsibility for those coming after her. Felisa is skilled in program development and implementation in communities that are the least resourced and most stigmatized, providing direct service to those living within the intersections of homelessness, incarceration, addiction, acute crises, and trauma. Dr. Bryant currently serves as the Director of Programs for the IF Project, a nonprofit that that works alongside justice-impacted individuals, law enforcement, and members of the community in the belief that sharing personal stories brings about change and healing. Dr. Bryant received her PhD from Grand Canyon University and completed her dissertation in June 2021 titled: Formerly Incarcerated Females Perceptions on Their Reentry Transitions Back into Society: A Phenomenological Study.

Listen to the full episode HERE.

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