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The Connect Conversations - Meet LeShawn Gamble of Renaissance 21 and Project L.O.V.E.

Join us as we sit down with LeShawn Gamble. LeShawn Gamble is a community minded, US Army Veteran. He's currently a graduate student of psychology, sociology, and medicine at the University of Washington.

As LeShawn would put it, he's also a former casualty of the disproportionate policing and prosecution practices of the American judicial system. Instead of succumbing to such an experience, he's instead fusing his artistic abilities with his desire to see true change in under-served communities. He embodies his personal and professional mission to empower at-risk youth in the Greater Puget Sound area with Project L.O.V.E.

With a focus on social justice, LeShawn's art as well as his work center on a better future for communities of color.

Listen to the full episode HERE.

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